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Billie Holiday’s Cruel Life Free Essays

To comprehend the discussion that Billie introduced one should initially go to the root or wellspring of such contention and look at Billie’s adolescence. Billie was conceived Eleanora Harris to her dad Clarence Holiday and mother Sadie Fagan who were only fifteen and thirteen years of age, individually, at that point (A 91). Conceived somewhere in the range of 1912 and 1915 in Baltimore, the date uncertain, Billie grew up without her dad, who moved away from the get-go in her life. We will compose a custom exposition test on Billie Holiday’s Cruel Life or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now Billie and her mom used to battle a ton, when her mom was near. A significant part of the time Billie was left under the watchful eye of family members or companions, a considerable lot of whom were heartless (E). Billie’s relationship with her family was feeble, as Billie for an incredible duration and profession never or once in a while got family endorsement or acknowledgment (W 13). The degree to which Billie didn't coexist with her family is clear as she was chastised for her grandmother’s demise at six years old (E). The strife inside Billie’s family was showed when Billie remarked later on in life that â€Å"As far as I’m Concerned, all the Fagans are dead† (W 14). This made her family extremely distraught and lead to their further relinquishment of Billie. Beside the shallow pressure among Billie and her mom, they put forth a valiant effort to stay faithful to each other and accommodate one another (W 201). As Billie developed more seasoned, life became more earnestly and reality gradually turned out to be increasingly more genuine for her. At age 10, Billie was assaulted, further reinforcing Billie’s picture of the real world. As Billie developed more established she got lighthearted and developed to have a solid temper. One artist recalls Billie as â€Å"a kid, 11 or 12 years of age, yelling the most noticeably awful words she knew in the road, restless to be developed up† (W 35). Also, on the various events when Billie’s mother was away, she would be out having some good times with no concerns. Billie became used to utilizing men to get cash. Billie would get folks, claiming to be a hooker, and afterward she and her companion would hop him and take his cash (W 28). â€Å"She turned into a quick lady. She needed quick cash, quick life† (W 26). Her life became quicker and quicker as Billie was brought further down into the certainties of the world when Billie turned into a whore. â€Å"[Billie] got things done for a house of ill-repute in Philadelphia and in 1927 moved to New York, where for the following three years she earned a living as a prostitute† (E). These parts of Billie’s life shaped her mentality towards life later on, and her future choices and objectives. These impacts turned into her limits, her air, and now and again, her confinements. Instructively, Billie was denied. Never getting past the fifth grade, Billie was the survivor of the instructive limitations that were forced on a large number of the individuals who stayed in Black Ghettos (BB 67). As Billie developed more seasoned her training turned into an impediment. â€Å"This woman’s ability and her looks, but then here and there she truly had the psyche of a 12-year-old† (BB 67). This absence of training would frequent Billie later in her vocation, an alarming token of her adolescence, and its unmistakable deficiencies of giving wellbeing, instruction, and an ethical base. Musically, Billie grew up tuning in to the blues, despite the fact that it never truly was her kind of music. Billie adored tuning in to Jazz records as a kid, early impacts including Louis Armstrong. In the long run, Billie proceeded onward to endeavor a singing vocation. â€Å"Inspired by her adoration for singing, she convinced the administrator of a club to let her sing a couple of tunes with the house band-she made $57 in tips† (E). Along these lines, Billie was inspired to turn into an artist, a choice that will demonstrate not exclusively to be useful to her, yet in addition to be a hazard factor that would undermine her wellbeing. The most effective method to refer to Billie Holiday’s Cruel Life, Papers

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Attitudes Towards Technology in the Han and Roman Empires

Perspectives Towards Technology in the Han and Roman Empires DBQ 2 Technology is continually evolving. New thoughts are being presented, and advancements to current advances are continually occurring. Some may consider changes to be innovation as a fundamental and accommodating thing, while others may contradict. Upperclassmen’s mentalities toward innovation, particularly headways inside innovation, in the Han Empire, were exceptionally affirming and empowering. In the Roman Empire, most of upperclassmen’s mentalities toward innovation were extremely strong, as long as the innovation or headway was imagined by somebody of an exceptionally philosophical mind.Roman upperclassmen when all is said in done had inspirational perspectives towards innovation, just as developments in innovation. Some higher classmen, be that as it may, looked profoundly upon themselves, and felt like anything not starting from their psyches or hands was beneath them. A few thinkers had the dispo sition that anything they didn't imagine was just average and adequate, rather than amazing and extraordinary. (Doc. 7) Along with that, some high society political pioneers accepted that it was obscene and corrupting of any man to be utilized in any field of work. Doc. 5) I set these reports in a gathering together on account of the way that both of the creators of the archives had amazingly stubborn points of view toward innovation framed by lower classmen. The two creators expressed in their archives that anything made by a lower classman was just average in contrast with upgrades in innovation made by a higher classman like a thinker. In this manner, their mentalities toward innovation was positive†¦ as long as it was made by a man higher up in society.In Document 7, a privileged Roman savant and guide to Emperor Nero named Seneca communicates that any apparatuses made by men who are not thinkers are average and irrelevant. His perspective is that he feels that the psyches that created the current mechanical advances in instruments were deft and sharp, yet not incredible nor raised. His mentality towards these discoveries in innovation are like this on account of his job in the public arena. He is a logician, so it his is of his job to think with a theoretical brain, envisioning things from a â€Å"outside of the box† sort of erspective. Since logicians are prepared to think thusly, they would have the option to make apparatuses and new advancements in innovation that could totally change how innovation was seen, driving their domains to more noteworthy and more prominent statures. But since of the absence of preparing and involvement with dynamic idea, he felt that typical men would will in general think of good apparatuses that were all around fabricated and could help them in their everyday lives, except nothing notable that could have everybody spellbound and flabbergasted like â€Å"great and raised minds† like his could invent.Whil e some Roman high society individuals preferred just the innovation developed and improved by raised personalities, that wasn’t the case for the entirety of Rome. A Roman political pioneer named Gaius Gracchus set up another arrangement of street building, giving equivalent consideration to the usefulness and the presence of the streets. He helped voyagers monitor separation by apportioning each mile and putting a segment there. Just as the segments, Gracchus set huge stones on either roadsides at lesser spans, so it would be simpler for the individuals who street ponies to mount them. (Doc. 6) Another splendid headway in innovation was the aqueducts.Six of the water passages streamed into secured holders. At that point, the volume was estimated by methods for aligned scales. The utilization of the water was utilized for what was required, yet the water was additionally used for joy purposes. (Doc. 8) I assembled these two reports since the two of them showed progressions in innovation without being unfair against the individuals who were in lower classes. Since the two of them show the headways in innovation, it is clear that the disposition toward innovation was very positive. (Doc. 7) individuals from the Han Empire acknowledged and grasped new technologies.In truth, numerous administration authorities frequently actualized new thoughts in their social orders. For instance, Tu Shih, who was the legislative head of Nanyang, developed a water-fueled blowing-motor for the throwing of iron agrarian executes that permitted individuals to appreciate incredible advantage for little work. Has his development been broadly utilized, however it has likewise been received and enhanced by the individuals who use it. (Doc. 4) Fuxi, however just a fanciful ruler, was said to have concocted the pestle and the mortar. Consistently, his innovation was shrewdly improved so that the closure advantage was expanded a hundredfold. (Doc. ) There were times, too, when govern ment authorities kept in touch with nearby authorities depicting precisely what should have been done to aid current issues. Despite the fact that the administration authorities thought of such an inside and out arrangement and procedure, the nearby authorities at last made the last call, fitting the legislative arrangement to fit the independence of every town. (Doc. 1) I assembled these records since they all include a pioneer developing something, with lower classmen enhancing the innovation. This demonstrates the Han Empire had an uplifting disposition about innovation, were still totally open to the parts of progress and advancements.In Document 3, a high society Han rationalist named Huan Tan communicates, with extraordinary eagerness, his perspective of the development of the pestle and the mortar consistently. In the record, it goes inside and out depicting the entirety of the developments and progressions the pestle and the mortar have experienced. This epitomizes the way t hat Huan Tan’s disposition towards developments in innovation was ardently positive. In Document 3, Huan Tan passes on the account of how Fuxi, who, however legendary, was a ruler, made something, which was improved by normal commoners.This shows that not at all like the Roman logician in Document 7, Huan Tan shows no oppression the lower classes. He doesn't feel that all together for really incredible work, you should have a savant title. He comprehends that standard individuals can be the most splendid now and again, and finds the whole idea of progression in innovation shocking. An extra record I feel would be gainful in assisting with passing on my postulation would be a diary section from the perspective of a Han Peasant, delineating their mentality towards the new headways in technology.This is required in light of the fact that each report we were given was composed from the point of view of an upperclassmen. So as to all the more precisely answer the inquiry, I feel l ike we ought to have a comprehension of each financial class. I likewise believe that so as to all the more productively examine Document 2, we need an examination with the diary passage from a Han Peasant. Since Document 2 discussions about how individual family’s instruments were better than the administration made ones were, I feel that a diary passage clarifying their considerations on family-made apparatuses versus the legislature made devices would help give a superior comprehension of the archive.

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An Interactive Technique in Instructional Strategy Assignment - 1

An Interactive Technique in Instructional Strategy - Assignment Example I joined an intuitive procedure in my instructional methodology as this was the best technique for taking note of what understudies really need. An intuitive methodology helps in getting direct data from the individuals worried about the undertaking (Hardy, 2002). The timetable of the program will run all through the exploration time frame. Each course is planned to meet three days every week for multi week. Class time will be roughly two hours. The students of this program are both the understudies and their separate teachers. They have to have information in utilizing a PC, just as inquiring about on the web. This will guarantee that imperatives are restricted and will facilitate the procedure (Hardy, 2002). An instructor ought to be eager to help his/her understudies at all expense. This mulls over utilizing the web. Understudies will be thought of on the off chance that they can't evaluate the web. They will be permitted to utilize the institution’s WiFi so as to do their exploration. They sort of discovering that will occur, as expressed prior, is an intuitive learning. Understudies and their teachers will have the option to send the overview or survey to clients. They will likewise get finished PDF structures from different clients. Gathering exercises will fill a need by allowing members to help each other to master during the course (Hardy, 2002). This is the best method of comprehension/learning as it will permit individuals to be available to each other. The point/objective of this program is to permit understudies to help each other as they complete their examination. An understudy, for example, may require the help of in finishing an exploration paper given to him/her by their individual speakers (Hardy, 2002). This will augment up the understudy's information by getting data from other in regards to the exploration topic.â â

Critical Analysis of Two Short Stories Walkers Everyday Use and Strong Essay

Basic Analysis of Two Short Stories Walkers Everyday Use and Strong Horse Tea - Essay Example â€Å"Strong Horse Tea† is a story spinning around Rannie Toomer, a solitary dark mother of an infant kid named Snooks. She battles to keep herself made in the most troublesome of circumstances which basically includes the soundness of her child who is incredibly sick be that as it may, no specialist would take care of his needs. She calmly hangs tight for any sort of help from the specialists and denies a wide range of home cures or enchantment to mend her child since she doesn't have confidence in such ideas proposed by her neighbor. She disregards the way that the specialists are not ready to give her an arrangement due to her shading and, this speaks to her quality of self-value and her ability of transcending the commonplace. Subsequently, when Sarah, an old dark lady, endeavors to persuade Rannie of utilizing home solutions for mend her child, she obtrusively decreases her offer. Rannie stays valiant and autonomous with respect to her choice for looking for help from the cutting edge offices amidst the conventional techniques her dark network despite everything worshipped. To part away from her own custom was a gutsy move she taken by Rannie. In the story â€Å"Everyday Use†, the circumstance is pretty much the equivalent at the same time, what Mama’s oldest kid Dee experiences is an insubordinate personality emergency. She is sent away from home for instructive purposes however she understands how little she thinks about her own legacy. She renames herself Wangero which is an African name. She has confidence in another hopeful, Americanized world for the blacks, which isn't her shortcoming. She was sent away from home and in a roundabout way away from her own custom. This, in any case, was not Mama’s expectation. She sent her away with the goal that she could get the best training and furthermore on the grounds that Mama expected that she and Maggie would not have the option to endure one another. At the point when she shows up home on an extended get-away she goes with a beau Hakim who

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Is Professional Sport Worth Spending Money on free essay sample

There is a conclusion that pro game does not merit spending such a lot of cash on. I have another perspective. To my psyche, pro game assumes a significant job in the life of society. Right off the bat, watching global rivalries joins the country and creates enthusiasm, for instance when I saw Russian hockey group win the World Championship, I felt glad for my nation. Besides, proficient athletes set a genuine model for the youthful, therefore young people begin doing don as opposed to investing a lot of energy in the Internet. In conclusion, sport offices worked for big showdowns and Olympic Games at that point could be utilized by average citizens to stay in shape. Notwithstanding, others guarantee that pro game is costly and necessities to forfeit a lot. They are certain that athletes don't get an opportunity to get legitimate instruction and can't be useful for the general public in the wake of leaving sport. They include that game is perilous and horrible and the state needs to pay a great deal to treat athletes after wounds. We will compose a custom paper test on Is Professional Sport Worth Spending Money on? or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I firmly can't help contradicting this perspective. Proficient athletes speak to the nation and make its positive picture abroad so the state should bolster them in the event that they have issues. Plus, sport grows such attributes of character as duty and industriousness and individuals with such characteristics are more significant for the general public than any cash. To summarize, there are many individuals who guess that it isn't sensible to spend such a lot of cash on sport. In my view, proficient athletes do much for the nation and ought to be regarded.

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MindMeister Acquires MindMaker iPhone app - Focus

MindMeister Acquires MindMaker iPhone app - Focus Please note: this article was last updated in 2009. For the latest information on MindMeister for iOS, visit As some of the Techcrunchers (or followers of Ouriel Ohayon) among you might know already we recently entered into mobile device territory by acquiring MindMaker, one of the few native iPhone mind mapping tools currently available in the App Store. No need to bring up iPhone sales stats or any other justification for that decision here, as the reality today is that any self-respecting web (2.0) app needs an App Store sibling to complement its online service for users on the go. Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with an exceptional mind mapping experience, wherever they are and whatever device they use. A native MindMeister iPhone app is a big step towards achieving that goal. We acquired MindMaker because its a great app and gives us a sound headstart in developing a MindMeister application, which weve wanted for months (the common name genealogy was just a bonus). The colorful look and feel of the maps in MindMaker is obviously a bit different to our mostly blue maps, but the rest of the app was so well done that it helped us a great deal in getting started. Melchior, the main developer of MindMaker, even gave us a hand in integrating it with the API and getting the syncing working. Heres a quote from him from our press release: MindMaker started out as a pet project but quickly became one of the leading iPhone apps for mind mapping”, says Melchior Brislinger, developer of MindMaker. “MindMeister’s acquisition brings an integration with a premier web-based service and will accelerate the further development of MindMaker. The ability to sync data with your online MindMeister account is pretty nifty, we think, particularly for a collaborative tool where different people might update the same data all the time. Create a draft map on the tube, sync it back to the cloud once your 3G connection  is up again and let the others finalize it. Right now were busy completing the integration. The app will support graphical views of a users mind maps, similar to the one in our award-winning web interface. Essential editing functions will be supported on the iPhone / iPod Touch as well, with many more features to be added in upcoming releases. Syncing between the iPhone app and will most likely be made available as a Premium feature that means for paying MindMeister users only. Existing MindMaker customers will get a special discounted upgrade offer for a MindMeister Premium account. So what about all the Blackberries, Nokias and Palm Pres out there? Well, for us it was clear that we wanted an iPhone app first, before following that up with other mobile interfaces. Were Apple people and we admit it. And really, its just such a great device, no?

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Risk and Hazard Management - 3575 Words

Risk and Hazard Management (Term Paper Sample) Content: RISK AND HAZARD MANAGEMENT by (Student’s name) The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located The Date Risk Assessment of MelvinJones Community College MelvinJones College is a satellite campus of Great Jones University located in outskirts of Belvoule central business district. The main entrance is located 10 meters off the Belvoule main road. Entrance through the main gate leads to the hostels on the left, students parking on the right and right ahead is lecturers and staff parking lot. One hundred meters from the students’ parking lot is the college transformer (the main source of power). On the right-hand side of the hostels is the cathedral and behind the cathedral is a gas station. From the staff parking lot moving forward are the lecture halls which are on the left side of the gas station.  Brief sketch of MelvinJones College  Belvoule Road    Main gate Fire Risk Assessment Checklist Done by:Date of Assessment:03/09/2016Location or Site:MelvinJones CollegeJobStudent No.ElementsYesNoN/A1Ignition sources1.1Are there sources of ignition?1.2Are there random checks for potential ignition sources1.3Does the university store flammable substances?1.4Are the ignition sources visible?1.5Is smoking allowed within the campus?1.6Are there statutory signs or warnings within the vicinity?1.7Can electrical fault be potential source of ignition?1.8Fuel sources1.9Are there fuel sources within the university?2.0These fuel sources are they externally supplied?2.1Is the proximity of the school to the fuel sources close?2.2Are the dangers of fuels part of the statutory warnings and notices?2.3Does the fuel source within the university contain both flammable liquids and gasses?2.4Is there safe storage mechanisms for the fue l and the source secured?2.5Are there possibilities of fuel fire being experienced in the area2.6In case of fuel fire, can it spread to the neighboring areas?2.7Can the university contain the fire in such situations of emergency? The checklist is a clear indication of the forms of risk the university is exposed to from the outward evaluation of the college. For instance, from the checklist, the proximity of the college to the fuel station is an indication that in the case of fuel fire, the risk of the university being part of the fire are extremely high (El-Hady, Mohammed, Abdel-Wahed, Ali, Hussien, 2013). The preceding means that the university can undertake stringent measure to ensure premeditated control in case the risk occurs The strength of the checklist method is its ability to evaluate the situation of risk in the university through physical analysis of the area. The method is not only time efficient but also cost effective and engaging. The we akness of the checklist method is, however, its inability to evaluate the single most individual component of the system (Crouhy   The bow tie risk assessment method shows the root cause of the risk from the hazard. The rectangles on the left represent the threat that can cause the hazard to occur while the proceeding rectangles before the top event of which i n this case is the fire or explosion, are the control measures to ensure the threats does not occur. The rectangles on the left denote the consequences of the hazard occurring if the control measures are ineffective to allow the hazard. Between the consequences and the hazard are the mitigating factors to help reduce the adverse of the risk (Miller & Sorochty, 2014). The strength behind this risk assessment method is the identification of the risk, its causes, the provision for control of the causes and the mitigating factors in case the risk happens (Coleman, 2011). This increases the chances of handling even casualties in emergency cases. The method is effective for handling of risks within a confined system with proper analysis. Risk ranking assessment method Risk QuestionLowMediumHighAre there fuel sources within the university?Chances of fire occurring within the universityIs smoking thin the campus?The fuel sources within and outside the universit y are they closely kept?Chances of fire outside the campusIncidences of insecurity within the university? Florig et al. (2001) notes that the risk ranking method of risk assessment shows that there is priority to the risks in terms of the impact and consequences it can cause to the system. In MelvinJones College, some risks are higher than others. A clear example would be the risk of fire because of the gas station compared with insecurity risk which is relatively low. Priority will thus be given to fire and mechanisms put in place to deal with that and little attention will be endured to security. The method, however, fails in assessment of importance because of physical constraints. The priority can only be measured by need and not probability. Fire might be prior to security but the probability of security risk occurring compared to fire is higher and hence on another scale, the risk priority changes despite the ranking (Kinman & Court, 2010). Failure Modes Effect Analysis table (FMEA) spreadsheet. Failure Mode Effect AnalysisAssessor:Wednesday 9th March 2016Electricity agents (short circuits) ItemFunctional modeLossesCause/ TriggerSafeguard/ Prevention/ DetectionAssessmentRecommended actionResponsibility and target completi...